Populism in the Western United States 1890-1900 Vol. 1

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This is the first comprehensive political history of the major third-party movement in the nine states of the Mountain West and Pacific Coast. The highly detailed and heavily documented narrative is based on letter collections and other documents, and synthesizes all secondary materials. Treats interpretative and thematic questions and the historiography of the Populist movement.


"Griffith's purpose. . . is twofold: to refute the assertion of Populism's detractors that the movement was nativistic, bigoted, and retrograde, and to show that the third party movement was significantly more diverse than earlier scholars had believed. Griffiths has mustered an impressive amount of evidence to support both of his major contentions." - The Western Historical Quarterly

". . . a welcome addition to the varied, often provocative, historiography of the Populist movement. . . . Griffiths's analysis of such diverse leaders as Colorado's Davis H. Waite and Washington's John R. Rogers provides a truly human dimension. His updated bibliography is most informative; of the sources cited many are carefully annotated to provide additional information. . . .the multi-faceted, predominantly urban nature of western populism, as revealed by the host of revisionist studies that have appeared since 1970, will be effectively underscored by the conclusions and afterthoughts of one of the true pathfinders in this field." - Montana, The Magazine of Western History

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