Contemporary Theories and Canadian Fiction Shifting Sands

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This study attempts to bring together a series of provinces between and within contemporary theory, criticism and fiction. It provides an overview of some of the most complex issues shaping present literary debates with a clear focus on Canadian fiction of the last twenty years.


“This book recommends itself for its comprehensive approach to the subject and it also makes a valid contribution to contemporary studies on Canadian fiction.” – British Journal of Canadian Studies

Table of Contents

Table of contents:


1.Visible Structures: The Theory and Literary Practices of Post-structuralism: Discourse, Ideology, and the Subject; Origin, Structure and Meaning; Derrida's Deconstruction; Practice and Problems

2.The Postmodern Condition and the Text: Postmodernism and Representation; Postmodern Fiction/Intertextual Fictions; The Canadian Postmodern

3.Writing the Postcolonial/Transcultural Subject in the Canadian Space: Postcolonial Theory and the Politics of the Represented Representing; Deconstructing History and Nation; Writing Back and Beyond – Cross/Transcultural Approaches to Self-Representation

4.Feminisms, Postmodes, and Contemporary Canadian Women's Writings in Context: The Otherness of Women; The Subject(s) of Feminist Theory; Gender and Postmodes; Canadian Women Writers in Context: Views from Elsewhere

Postscript, Bibliography

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