Liberal Democracy and the Bible

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This bold and innovative series of essays addresses the encounter between the biblical exegesis and liberal democratic thought. Explores how early modern liberal democratic thinkers such as Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, and Kant employ the Bible in the development of their political theories. The introductory essay focuses on the tension between Reason, Revelation, and liberal democracy, and a concluding essay proposes a substantive method for serious reflection about the issues.


"All the essays in this volume offer a refreshing and innovative approach to some of the complex issues embedded in the tradition of liberal democracy's encounter with the Bible. The volume is well-thought out and conceived and should prove valuable and worthwhile reading not only for biblical scholars but also for those with a more general interest in the history of ideas." - David J. Hawkin

"This is a rich and tightly coherent set of essays . . . . a goldmine of insights, careful arguments, useful references and profound rethinking of the founders of Liberal-Democracy by taking what they say about the Bible seriously . . . . It is useful not only to political and religious studies, but also to the specific constitutional problems with which Canada and much of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union have been wrestling." - Kenneth H. Post

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