Comparative Discourse Analysis and the Translation of Psalm 22 in Chichewa, a Bantu Language of South-Central Africa

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This study illustrates a comprehensive method of analyzing the discourse structure and style of a Hebrew lyric text with special reference to its interacting thematic organization and rhetorical dynamics. An illustrated survey of ten of the principal stylistic features leads to a discussion of similar rhetorical techniques manifested by modern lyric (written) poetry in Chichewa. The study also makes an important contribution to the theory and practice of meaning-oriented Bible translation.


"Wendland challenges translators to use all the literary resources of the receptor language and culture, himself providing a model for both analysis and production. As such the book is essential reading for any Bible translator who contemplates the challenging task of translating the Psalms." - Katherine Barnwell, International Translation Coordinator, Summer Institute of Linguistics and Wycliffe Bible Translators

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