Canadian Anglicanism at the Dawn of a New Century

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This volume is composed of articles by Anglican scholars across Canada, and includes an essay by the Primate of Canada. It examines the current state of the Anglican church, and the challenges it faces, from culture wars to medical ethics and environmentalism.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Introduction (M. Darrol Bryant)
1. Challenges Facing the Anglican Communion at the End of the Century (Bishop Michael Peers, Primate of the Anglican Communion in Canada)
2. Anglicanism in Canada: A Sociological Sketch (Roger O’Toole)
3. Anglicanism Among the Social Scientists (David C. Nock)
4. Anglicans and the Culture Wars (Ron Dart)
5. Anglican Women: A Future? (Wendy Fletcher-Marsh)
6. Honouring Fallibility (Tom Settle)
7. Native & Christian: A Search for an Authentic Spirituality (Laverne Jacobs)
8. Ecumenical Hope? Ecumenical Renewal (Frank Thompson)
9. Responding to Cultural Diversity in a Parish (Patrick Yu)
10. The Shapes and Forms of Ministry & Liturgy: Some Underlying Principles (Barbara Liotscos)
11. Challenges Facing Anglicans in Shaping and Forming Ministry (Eileen Scully)
12. The Challenge of Lay Ministry: The Renison Institute of Ministry (Patti Carlisle)
13. An Historical Perspective on Anglicans in Higher Education (William Westfall)
14. Anglican Colleges: What Do We Have to Offer? (Gail Cuthbert Brandt)
15. Reflections of the Challenges to Anglicans in Higher Education (Don Thompson)
16. Challenges at the Frontier of Medical Ethics: Medicine, Technology and the Sense of Self (Dallice Sim)
17. Anglicans and the Environmental Challenge (M. Darrol Bryant)
Index; List of Contributors

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