Concordance to Herman Melville's Clarel a Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land Volume III

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These volumes consist of the contextual concordance and five appendices: 'Capitalized Words and Phrases,' 'Hyphenated Words,' 'Deleted Words,' 'Possible Simile: as, like, so, than,' and 'Italicized Words,' with a Part-Canto-Line-Page Index, a List of Emendations, a list of Melville's annotated corrections to Clarel, the Forty-Five Satellite Poems of Clarel, and a Part-Canto reference for Character Presence (as Speaker or Spoken of). Since the Northwestern-Newberry edition reproduces the first edition published by Putnam in 1876 (the only authorative text of Clarel) and since Melville used the Putnam edition for his annotated corrections to the text, this was selected as the copy-text for this concordance.

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