Mario Benedetti, Autor Uruguayo ContemporÁneo: Estudios Sobre Su Compromiso Literario Y PolÍtico

This is an original collection of criticism on Mario Benedetti’s work covering his literary works, the major themes of his writing, cinematic interpretations of his works, and his political commitments. Consisting of ten essays, two homages, and two interviews by the most renowned critics on the author, this volume aims to bring Benedetti the international attention he richly deserves. In Spanish


“As we begin to be able to historicize the recent past in Spanish American literary culture, we can see with increasing clarity that Benedetti’s analysis of urban, lower middle class outlook, values and potentialities, to the criticism of which these essays are valid contributions, points steadily forward towards a more socially just, human and democratic Spanish America.” - Donald L. Shaw, Brown Forman Professor of Spanish American Literature, University of Virginia

“This volume makes an important scholarly contribution to research on Benedetti, to research on Latin American and Spanish language culture, and to the study of the intersections of politics, history, and cultural production. It fills a scholarly gap and is certain to reach a large audience.” - Sophia A. McClennen, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, The Pennsylvania State University

“This is an overdue book. ... I am left with the impression that if its insights are followed up, as they are likely to be, its publication may come in time to be seen as marking a new departure in criticism of the last fifty years of Spanish American literature.” - Donald L. Shaw, Brown Forman Professor of Spanish American Literature, University of Virginia

Table of Contents

Foreword by Donald L. Shaw
I. El desexilio
1 Exilio, “desexilio”, y “desterritorialización” en la narrativa de Mario Benedetti (1973-1999) - Hiber Conteris
2 De vuelta a casa: El desexilio - Miriam L.Volpe
II. Memoria individual y colectiva
3 Los cuentos de Mario Benedetti - Gloria da Cunha
4 Andamios: La hora del Angelus, del elefante y de los exorcismos de la memoria - Ambrosio Fornet
5 Mario Benedetti: La poesía, la memoria y la utopía- Greg Dawes
III. Texto, imagen y contexto
6 Mario Benedetti, el texto y las posibilidades de la imagen - José Carlos Rovira
7 Apuntes sobre el escritor popular - Pablo Rocca
8 Mario Benedetti entre el boom, el posboom y el boomerang - Carmen Alemany Bay
IV. Forma y fondo
9 Revolución social y revolución de los géneros en algunas obras de Mario Benedetti - Rosa María Grillo
10 Las realidades de Primavera con una equina rota - Eileen M. Zeitz
V. Homenajeado
11 Benedetti: El ejercicio de la conciencia - Roberto Fernández Retamar
12 Mario Benedetti: “Compartir los sueños con los sueños” - Sylvia Lagos
VI. Entrevistado
13 Marben@85 - Mario Paoletti
14 Conversación intemporal con un escritor “sin tiempo” - Jorge Ruffinelli
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