Concordance to Herman Melville's Benito Cereno

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This valuable research tool allows readers to better understand the richness of Melville’s work and explores the influence of Asian religion and mythology on his writing.


“An established Melville authority, Wegener’s volumes steer readers to dimensions of interpretation which are suggestive to the avid Melvillean and also the novice embarking on the intellectual and artistic voyages on which Melville has led his readers for more than a century and a half.” – Dr. Donald Yannella, Editor, 1976-89, Melville Society Extracts

Table of Contents

Volume I
Frontispiece Illustrations – “Babo” and 98.29-30 – by Loretta Ann Wegener
Foreword by Dr. Donald Yannella
List of Illustrations
Critical Introduction
The Concordance: ‘tis—paces
Volume II
The Concordance: Pacific- zones
Appendix I: Capitalized Words and Phrases
Appendix II: Hyphenated Words
Appendix III: Deleted Words
Appendix IV: Italicized Words
Appendix V: Numbers and Special Characters
Variant Readings
I. Discussions of Adopted Readings
II. List of Emendations
III. Report of Line-End Hyphenation
IV. List of Substantive Variants
Melville’s Source for “Benito Cereno”
Paragraph to Page-Lines Index

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