Chinese and Chinese American Ancestor Veneration in the Catholic Church, 635 A. D. to the Present

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This work demonstrates that the ultimate creation and performance of the ancestor memorial liturgy by the Catholic Church is the practical realization of the ideal to renew attempts at worldwide inculturation as set forth during Vatican II. This book contains twelve color photograhs.


"How to find a common ground between Confucianism and Catholicism, two distinct mindsets that originate in divergent geographies, histories, and traditions? Seeking answers to this question, [the author] provides valuable insights.” – Prof. Mikako Iwatake, University of Helsinki

Table of Contents

Foreword by David J. Hufford
1. Nestorians in China: The First Period, 635-845
2. Nestorians and Catholics in China, 845-1368
3. European Merchants, Adventurers, Colonizers and Missionaries Go East, 1495-1583
4. The Jesuits Estalish Missions in Mainland China, 1580-1610
5. Catholic Missions in Mainland China, 1610-1722
6. The Chineses Rites Controversy: A Question of Method? 1643-1842
7. The Twentieth Century: The Church Reevaluates the 1742 Bull Ex quo singulari
8. The Evolution of the Performance of the Chinese and Chinese Catholic American Ancestor Memorial Service
9. The Ancestor Memorial Service Flourishes throughout the United States
10. Conclusion: A Sacred and Universal Ceremony

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