How U.S. Correspondents Discover, Uncover and Cover China

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This is the first systematic study of the work of U.S. foreign correspondents in China, focusing on how they understand and communicate the culture and politics of China to Americans. It examines how they gather news, interpret events, cope with Chinese government relations and present a picture of China on a continuous basis.


"...Liang's investigation illuminates just how counterproductive Chinese attempts to control foreign news coverage actually are....Although Professor Liang's book focuses on a particular place, with particular intricacies and idiosyncrasies, and during the particular period of late 1990s, it implicitly raises some important questions about the present and future of international reporting." Judy Polumbaum, University of Iowa

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. The U. S., China, and the Media
2. The Demographics of U. S. Foreign Correspondents in China
3. The Chinese Press as News Sources
4. Chinese Officials as News Sources
5. Confucian Culture and Consequences of an Uncooperative Chinese Government
6. Nongovernment Contacts as News Sources
7. How Foreign correspondents Deliver the News
8. Traveling to Get the News in China
9. Surveillance, Detention and Censorship
10. Making Sense of China-Watching
Appendix; Bibliography; Index

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