An Empirical Reflection on the Smile

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“Psychologists, artists, photographers, business persons, teachers, health professionals, criminal, security, and judicial workers, and students of facial behavior will benefit from the studies and thinking presented in this excellent volume on smiling ... The quality of research reported and summarized by researchers is outstanding and provides both an up-to-date pictures of the status of research in the area and a model for future studies.” – Wallace V. Friesen and Deborah D. Danner

“That Wallace Friesen and Deborah Danner wrote the preface for this book speaks well of it. Along with Paul Ekman, Friesen is considered one of the great researchers in the field of nonverbal research. Abel offers a collection of well-conceived articles focusing on a complex nonverbal behavior ... All the articles are well written and on the cutting edge of research… Recommended.” – CHOICE

Table of Contents

Preface by Wallace Friesen and Deborah Danner
1. The Elusive Nature of Smiling (Millicent H. Abel)
2. Smiles, Lies, and Emotion (Mark G. Frank)
3. The Behavioral Ecology View of Smiling and Other Facial Expressions (Alan J. Fridlund)
4. What do Smiles Mean? An Analysis in Terms of Differential Emotions Theory (Jo Ann A. Abe, Michael Beetham, and Carroll E. Izard)
5. Smiling in Infancy (Laura H. Bolzani, Daniel S. Messinger, Marygrace Yale, and Marco Dondi)
6. Smiling in Children: Displays and their Meaning (Karen Caplovitz Barrett)
7. Gender Differences in Smiling (Judith A. Hall, Dana R. Carney, and Nora A. Murphy)
8. Who to Whom and Why – Cultural differences and Similarities in the Function of Smiles (Ursula Hess, Martin G. Beaupré, and Nicole Cheung)
9. The Therapeutic Effects of Smiling (Millicent H. Abel and Rebecca Hester)
10. Conclusion: The Not So Elusive Nature of Smiling (Millicent H. Abel)

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