Theories of Deviant Misbehavior: An Introductory Textbook

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This textbook looks in the several examples of deviant behavior and the theories to explain their cause. The author provides examples and exercises to enhance the learning experience of students of Sociology, Criminology and Criminal justice.


"This text represents the culmination of thirty years of teaching and research in the field of deviant behavior. Each classic theory is clearly presented and then bolstered by innovative teaching techniques and challenging exercises to enhance learning and creativity. Throughout this process, students are furnished with analytical and critical thinking skills. After crisp, in-depth treatment of the overall framework and benchmark questions that drive and define each theory."

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction/Theoretical Preview

Chapter Two: Definitions and Conceptions of Deviance

Chapter Three: Creation of Deviance

Chapter Four: Functionalist Theory

Chapter Five: Anomie Theory

Chapter Six: Differential Association Theory

Chapter Seven: Social Control Theory

Chapter Eight: Labeling Theory

Chapter Nine: Conflict Theory

Chapter Ten: Integration of Theories-Example from Lofland & Stark and Development of Positive Deviance Sample

Chapter Eleven: Collective Behavior-Mass Deviance

Chapter Twelve: Resilience Theory/Why Can't We Learn?

Chapter Thirteen: Deviance in the Renaissance Strong Women Art: The Wildness Strain Revealed

Chapter Fourteen: Deviance and the Technique of Normalizing Hate

Chapter Fifteen: White-Collar Crime: The Costly Result pf Underrated Heists

Chapter Sixteen: Active Shooters: Unraveling the Mysteries



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