Albrecht Ritschl and the Problem of the Historical Jesus

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This study reappraises Albrecht Ritschl and represents a fresh perspective on his work, through his study and use of the canonical Gospels. Ritschl's concern for theological responsibility when interpreting the life of Jesus is noted and explored in a discussion of the New Testament canon and the problem of the christological diversity found within the Gospel tradition.


"A worthy addition to the post-Barthian reevaluation of the thought of Albrecht Ritschl, Clive Marsh's study provides a critical assessment of Ritschl's christology from the perspective of Ritschl's use of the historical-critical method as a biblical theologian. . . . nuanced, provocative study. . . " - The Journal of Religion

"Marsh's two areas of particular competence serve his purpose well. His familiarity with Ritschl's early work and with that as yet not translated into English, allows him to trace at key points in Ritschl's development changes in his picture of Jesus according to which Gospel has most prominence in his work at the time. . . . this is a book full of good things. . . . offering new insights (on the early Ritschl), disagreeing with previous assumptions. . ." - Epworth Review

"This is a carefully crafted, perceptive book. . . . it makes a significant contribution to the understanding of Ritschl, the history of NT research, and methodology in christology. . . . serious students of the bible and theology will read this work with profit." - William Baird in Critical Review of Books in Religion, 1993

". . . clearly written, sheds light on a number of developments in Ritschl's theology, and within limits is a helpful contribution to the subject." - E. Earle Ellis in Southwestern Journal of Theology

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