Comparison of Greek Words in Philo and the New Testament

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This volume presents a complete computer-generated comparison of the Greek New Testament and the extant Greek writings of Philo of Alexandria. It is a statistical counting and registration of all common words in these writings. It is based upon the database gathered in connection with the Norwegian Philo Concordance Project, headed by Prof. Peder Borgen. This list will be useful for all New Testament scholars interested in the Jewish and Greco-Roman background of the New Testament.


“The lists may hopefully be a helpful tool for scholars working with both the New Testament and Philo’s writings and enhance further studies in both areas.” – Peder Borgen, Trondheim, Norway

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface; Introduction
1. All Common Words Sorted Alphabetically
2. All Common Words Sorted by Frequency
3. Philo and the Gospel of John
4. Philo and the Letter to the Hebrews

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