Dictionnaire Des Racines De La Langue Francaise D'apres le Dictionnaire De L' Acadeie Francoise Dedie au Roy Louis XIV, 1694

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The first ever volume of an alphabetically ordered listing of the 1694 French Language dictionary dedicated to King Louis XIV of France by the French Academy of humanist scholars. This new work eliminates the need for the modern user to know the etymological roots of a particular word in order to access it as in the 1694 edition. The author’s application of a more contemporary alphabetical word order dictionary is also rich with socio-cultural supplemental information that enables the reader to fully appreciate our Roman ancestors’ contribution to our common and daily utilized language. A must have set.


The French Academy originated as a council of five humanist scholars who were the most versed in the knowledge of history, the Middle Ages and the classical period. Its membership was soon expanded to 40 and were called the Quarante Immortels. Their objective was, and still is, the making of a “perpetual” dictionary which would take care of the changes occurring in the French language.

The First Edition of the le Dictionnaire de l'Académie Francosie was edited in 1694; it was dedicated to the King of France, Louis XIV. Since this dictionary, in the intention of its makers, was to standardize the language a new edition was constantly in the making. A second edition appeared in 1718.

The word order of this first edition does not follow the alphabetical order as all dictionaries are expected to do. It follows a root order. That is to say that words are grouped according to their etymological roots. Why was it made this way? The main purpose of this making was to have “all derived and composed words after the primary words from which they descend.

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