Affective and Cognitive Development of Culture Learning During the Early and Middle Childhood Curriculum

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Culture learning is a particular type of human learning related to the patterns of human interaction and identification. This study describes the process of culture learning as it takes place within a foreign language program at a selected suburban middle school site. It explores two arenas of inquiry: How does an awareness of people different from oneself develop in the middle school adolescent, and what is the contribution of foreign language study to the development of culture learning? The findings have implications for the middle school community (administrators, staff, students, parents) and those concerned with facilitating cross-cultural learning in today’s global society.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. Introduction
2. Review of Related Literature (Early adolescent Development; Child’s concept of Others; Development of Ethnic Identity; Development of Empathy; Educational Response to Ethnic and Racial Issues; Culture Learning; Middle School Foreign Language Study)
3. Methodology (Subjects, Survey, Teacher/Parent/Student Interviews; Study of Artifacts)
4. Data Gathering Results (Students)
5. Data Gathering Results (Teachers)
6. Data Gathering Results (Site; Parents)
7. Findings
8. Conclusions; Limitations, Implications of the Study
Appendices; References; Indices

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