Grunewald, Donald

About the author: Donald Grunewald is Professor of Strategic Management at the Hagan School of Business, Iona College. He received his AM, MBA, and DBA degrees from Harvard University. In addition to a distinguished academic career, he has worked as a consultant to universities and to business and government organizations. He is the author of 15 books and numerous journal articles, including The Complete Book of Management (Mellen, 1998).

Complete Book of Management
1998 0-7734-8469-8

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Managing New Enterprises
2002 0-7734-7150-2
This book is based upon experience of a number of successful entrepreneurs as well as the body of knowledge in business administration as applied to new enterprises and small business management. It integrates practical experience with the standard principles of management and management theory. “Grunewald, the realist, never insults the intelligence of his readers by a myriad of hero centered, over hyped, accounts of entrepreneurial star performers. This gives his book a rare and very valuable focus on the ultimate essentials of entrepreneur efforts. . . . An early chapter on the desired personal qualifications of an entrepreneur is a perfect example of Grunewald’s skill in downsizing his analysis to the absolute essentials. . . . offers an alternative growth path to the over fourteen million small business whose leaders have been searching, at a ninety-six percent failure rate, for a path to growth beyond the one million level of sales.” – Joseph O’Donoghue “Libraries should be especially interested in acquiring this book . . . . a must for the prospective entrepreneur and will be very valuable also for the present entrepreneur. This book makes it easy to learn from the experience of others.” – Edward C. Yang

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Supervisory Management and Its Link to the Human Resources Function
2001 0-7734-7484-6
This study demonstrates that over and above the increasingly complex and difficult tasks that supervisory management staff have to deal with, they also have to act as ‘mini personnel managers’ in their own right. The study focuses on the basic functions and related techniques as well as human relations for effective supervision. It also discusses the supervisor’s role as leader, communicator, motivator, trainer, and administrator. It delineates future perspectives of the changing environment facing supervisors, and strategies for supervisory success. The study includes practical examples, blending conceptual, functional, and human relations insights and skills.

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