Subject Area: World War II

Nazi Ideology as a Critical Race Theory: The Biopolitical Justification for Killing Jews (paperback)
 Mineau, André
2022 1-4955-0954-0 312 pages
From the Author's "Summary of the essential elements" of Nazi ideology (pg. 278):
٭ In the field of foreign politics, Nazi ideology fully actualized the geopolitics of biology.
٭ Nazi ideology was predicated on what can be called the "1918 syndrome".
٭ To the Nazi mind, the downfall of Germany tragically confirmed the Jews' universal malevolence.
٭ The Holocaust accomplished what was logically contained within Nazi ideology.

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Violence, Trauma, and Resilience in the World War II Narratives of German Refugees (softcover) cancelled
 Schwartz, Agatha
2022 1-4955-0971-0 244 pages
From the author;'s Introduction (pg.1):
In my study, using the oral testimonies of German Canadians, I explore [the diversity of German refugees in Canada] through a particular and this far unexamined prism, namely, the narrated memories of violence unleashed with World War II, with a focus on sexual violence, experienced and/or witnessed in childhood.