Childhood in Germany During World War II: The Story of a Little Girl

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Today a distinguished anthropologist, Karla Poewe was born in Koenigsberg, East Prussia, in 1941. In this autobiography she tells of her early life as a vagrant refugee pursued by Russian armies and Allied bombs. An unforgettable description of life as lived by a German child during the 1940s.


"Depending on one's academic background, this book could be described as an oral history, an autobiography, a personal ethnology, or a collection of reflections on childhood socialization. Whatever the label, Karla Poewe's book is splendid. . . . A strength of the book is Poewe's ability to bring together the general and the particular. . . . I recommend this book . . . . a significant contribution to understanding ourselves and our respective cultures." - Helen L. Ginn in Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly

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