Subject Area: Socialism

A Source Book of Karl Marx’s Letters About Abraham Lincoln and His Strategic Goal in the Civil War: The Destratification of American Society
 Gesualdi, Louis
2015 1-4955-0268-6 116 pages
Karl Marx did not view Lincoln as fighting to quell a rebellion, but to start a revolution to end worker exploitation by abolishing a stratification system that was not in the workers’ interest. Even Lincoln’s conscription policy during the Civil War was said to support the workers.
The author cites, in full or part, Marx’s various writings (articles and letters, including one Marx wrote to Lincoln and a reply by Ambassador Charles Adams on Lincoln’s behalf) in which Marx analyzes Lincoln’s actions (e.g., his dismissal of McClellan, The Emancipation Proclamation, conscription), as well as Union (northern) elections and discusses military campaigns.

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An Analysis of Law in the Marxist Tradition
 Campbell, Janet
2003 0-7734-6704-1 374 pages
The purpose of this work is to construct theoretically a regulatory system based on the writings of a selection of Marxist legal theorists (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stuchka, Reisner and Pashukanis), ascertain whether such a system might be considered law, and determine whether or not there is a legitimate claim for a ‘socialist jurisprudence.’ Both theoretical constructs and historical examples are used during the course of discussion. The results indicate that there is a viable alternative to law which does not ignore the regulatory needs of society and is compatible with the Marxist critique of the legal order. It is fills the gap existing in the literature of ‘socialist law’ and articulates a system of social regulation that can be considered non-legal (thus making it compatible with Marxist theory). To this date, such an attempt to define theoretically a regulatory system in communism compatible with the writings of Marx and Engels has not been made.

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South Africa and the Marxist Movement a Study in Double Standards
 Bardis, Panos D.
1989 0-88946-174-0 250 pages
While there are not many people who still believe that "scientific socialism" can "scientifically" bring about more just and humane societies, Bardis speaks of an all-pervasive spirit of criticism which continually undercuts any attempt to build such societies. He also causes us to consider the way such criticism has become the fashion in politics and can be used to establish new and sometimes more oppressive political regimes than the traditional systems.

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What Gives Work its Value? The Human Worth of a Physical Product
 Wilson, David
2006 0-7734-5772-0 216 pages
Marx’s value theory has long been recognized as the station at which his intellectual formation in continental philosophy and political thought meets his protracted engagement with the political economists. This book explores the understanding of Marx’s engagement with value-modernity in a variety of ways.

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