What Gives Work its Value? The Human Worth of a Physical Product

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Marx’s value theory has long been recognized as the station at which his intellectual formation in continental philosophy and political thought meets his protracted engagement with the political economists. This book explores the understanding of Marx’s engagement with value-modernity in a variety of ways.


“The achievement here is to cast new light on a field that has been thoroughly worked and reworked. The author has stepped outside the competing interpretations of Marx’s theory of value to offer an original reading. In particular, as an essay in bridging the chasm between economics and philosophy, it commands serious attention ...” – Professor Geoffrey Kay, London Metropolitan University

Table of Contents

Foreword by William Dixon
1. Introduction
2. On Analytical Marxism and the Analytic of Marx
3. From Commodity to Value
4. From Value to Money: Restating the Quality Theory of Money
5. Value-Substance and the Social
6. Abstract General Labour
7. Rethinking the Materialist Conception as Philosophical Anthropology
8. Value and Freedom
9. Conclusion: World and Environment

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