Subject Area: Finland & Finnish

An Analysis of the Work of Finnish Architect Alvar Aalto
 Loftin III, Laurence Keith
2005 0-7734-6332-1 200 pages
Much work has been done on the meaning and significance of Alvar Aalto’s work in recent years, but this generally takes the form of identifying motifs, and broad motivations. Little specific interpretation has been teased out. That argument that is developed here is that Alvar Aalto’s work, as a whole, is characterized by referential and narrative devices which he uses to “tell” architectural stories. These stories contain several broad themes which he developed, and returned to again and again throughout his life. His individual buildings can be seen as essays, or stories which articulate these themes.

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Finnish-North American Literature in English: A Concise Anthology
 Virtanen, Beth L.
2009 0-7734-3818-1 596 pages
This anthology, with a critical introduction, contains selections from twenty Finnish-North American authors and poets writing in English from the early 1950s to the present day. The work includes both Canadian and American writers, offers a balance between male and female authors, and includs the best examples of writing from several genres—poetry, fiction, memoir, and science fiction.

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History of the Finnish Temperance Movement: Temperance as a Civic Religion
 Sulkunen, Irma
1991 0-88946-298-4 312 pages
This text is one in a series on alcohol and drug use and abuse, and covers the history of the Finnish Temperance Movement.

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Policing in Canada, India, Germany, Australia, Finland, and New Zealand: A Comparative Research Study
 Das, Dilip K.
2005 0-7734-6037-3 232 pages
A study of policing in six countries. These countries have some similarities but to a great extent are different. Several of these countries, India, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada have been influenced by the English approach to policing. Countries that were once colonies of the British Empire adopted the traditions and expectations of the British. Although these countries came under British rule there were differences in their culture and value system that were not eliminated by the British.

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Policing in Finland: The Cultural Basis of Law Enforcement
 He, Ni
2006 0-7734-5708-9 176 pages
Examines the reciprocal relationship between Finnish culture and Finnish policing. Cultural values, socio-economic and political backgrounds are used as the foundation to explain how the police work in Finland. Unlike many nations, the Finns consistently rank their police force as the most trustworthy among all the public institutions. In turn, the police benefit from a progressive culture in which tolerance, justice, and equality are highly practiced virtues. Through the lens of culture the authors focus on studying both the organization and the crafts of policing in Finland in contrast to police practices in the United States and elsewhere. The history, structure and functions of the Finnish police as well as the street practices are presented, vividly based on extensive fieldwork and personal interviews. This book will contribute to our understanding of why a society gets the police it deserves.

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The Finnish Immigrant Experience in North America, 1880-2000: Studies in Cultural Geography
 Roinila, Mika
2006 0-7734-5678-3 200 pages
Over twenty years of research and publication of articles dealing with the Finnish ethnic group of North America is compiled here for the first time in a collection of ten chapters dealing with various topics of interest. The chapters include reprints of articles that have appeared in refereed scholarly journals as well as popular magazines in Finland, Canada and the United States. The topics range from the Finnish immigrants of Atlantic Canada and runaway sailors, to prairie farmers, commercial fishermen of Lake Superior, the Finland-Swedish ethnolinguistic minority of Canada, the Finns of Virginia and Central Appalachia, and the popularization of the Finnish sauna in the American hospitality industry. This work complements and adds to our growing knowledge and appreciation of ethnic groups within North America.

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