Policing in Canada, India, Germany, Australia, Finland, and New Zealand: A Comparative Research Study

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A study of policing in six countries. These countries have some similarities but to a great extent are different. Several of these countries, India, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada have been influenced by the English approach to policing. Countries that were once colonies of the British Empire adopted the traditions and expectations of the British. Although these countries came under British rule there were differences in their culture and value system that were not eliminated by the British.


"The book will take its place among works which anyone who claims to be informed about comparative policing and its general characteristics and dynamics will need to have read.” - (from the Commendatory Preface) Otwin Marenin, Professor, Political Science Department/Criminal Justice at Washington State University

“… this work gives valuable information and inspiration to concerned countries and any interested scholar, student or practical person. It makes an essential contribution to the research in this field of science.” – Professor Hans-Jorg Albrecht

“… policing services worldwide are constantly being required to re-define and re-examine the concepts of leadership. … By taking us through their comparative studies and material, the authors have given scholars greater information in pursuit of these important questions.” – Professor Rick Sarr, University of South Australia

Table of Contents

Preface by Otwin Marenin
1. The Indian police
2. Politics, Morale, and Respectability. The Australian and New Zealand Police
3. Policy and The Practice of Multiculturalism. The Canadian Police
4. Police Power and Effectiveness. The German police
5. Uprightness and Bureaucratic Conformity. The Finnish Police

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