Comparative Problems of Policing

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This work clearly renders, through selected interviews, the visions of police leaders, regarding the causes and approaches to be taken by police to the most pressing current events in the world. The freedom conferred to interviewees to probe into a series of topics and to voice their opinions supported by personal examples derived from their professional lives, is present throughout each interview. Transcriptions are reported in full, with supplied comments and notes.


“ … The goal to collect in a single volume the voices of experts in the current exercise of police work, all of them in authority to proclaim personal views and conceptions about their work and its varied police contexts, was fully attained. Readers looking for practical views of how policing ideologies affect different police systems or who are interested in learning about the present and the future challenges facing police and society, and the measures devised to face them, will certainly find plenty of food for thought in this book.” – (from the Foreword) Professor George Henry Millard, Police Chief and Professor, Sao Paulo State Police Academy, Brazil

“How does integrating practical experiences and theoretical knowledge influence the effectiveness of the police and the relevance of the work of academic researchers? When academics observe how police handle difficult and dangerous situations, their practical knowledge is enhanced. Conversely, police who are acquainted with research findings on policing display enhanced professionalism. In today’s global society, a police organization must be flexible and learn from the lessons of the past to assure that productive policing approaches and programs are maintained and that those which have been found to be less productive are modified and eliminated.” – Magistrat Maximilian Edelbacher, Federal Police, Austria

“The scholars who interviewed police leaders for this book have done a remarkable job. Somehow they were able to get the police leaders they interviewed to be very conversational, and in a way which makes you feel as though you are in the room and part of the conversation. The greatest likeness across many of the leaders interviewed for this book, and that which shines though most strongly, is their character as leaders … With that in mind, this book makes a very important contribution. We only need more like it.” – Darryl Plecas, RCMP Research Chair, University College of the Fraser Valley, Canada

Table of Contents

Preface: “Policing: A Never-Ending Story”, Magistrat Maximilian Edelbacher, Federal Police of Austria
Foreword: George Henry Millard, Sao Paulo State Police Academy, Brazil
Appreciation: Darryl Plecas, University College of the Fraser Valley, Canada
Introduction: Dilip Das and Otwin Marenin
1. Interview with Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon: Australia’s First Female Police Chief
2. Interview with Mick Keelty, Commissioner, Australian Federal Police
3. Interview with Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
4. Interview with Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police
5. Interview of Mr. P.C. Sharma, India Police Service (IPS), Director, Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi
6. Interview with Janis Gedusevs, Chief, Riga Municipal Police, Latvia
7. Interview with Vytautas Grigaravicius, Commissar-General, Lithuania National Police
8. Interview with Michel P.A.C. Baeten, District Commander, De Eilanden, The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Regional Police Department, The Netherlands
9. Interview with Jan Wiarda – Ploughing on from Friesland to Europe – The Netherlands
10. Interview with Mr. Olantunji Alapini Commissioner of Police, Nigeria Police Training College, Ikeja, Lagos
11. Interview with National Police Commissioner Ingelin Killengreen, Norway
12. Interview with Abdul Qadir Haye, Inspector General of Police (Retired), Pakistan
13. Interview with Chief Constable Willie Rae, Strathclyde Police, Scotland
14. Interview with John Abbott, recently retired Director General of National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) of the United Kingdom
15. Challenges of Policing London: Conversation with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir John Stevens, United Kingdom
16. A Conversation with William J. Bratton, New York, USA
17. From a Justice Practitioner to an Academic Leader: A Conversation with Chancellor, Robert L. King, Albany, New York, USA
18. A Conversation with Patrick H. Lang: Reflections on His Justice Career, Washington DC, USA
19. Interview with Leonardo Enrique Díaz-Paruta, Commissioner General of Police, Caracas, Venezuela

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