Subject Area: World War II

Childhood in Germany During World War II: The Story of a Little Girl
 Poewe, Karla
1989 0-88946-354-9 250 pages
Today a distinguished anthropologist, Karla Poewe was born in Koenigsberg, East Prussia, in 1941. In this autobiography she tells of her early life as a vagrant refugee pursued by Russian armies and Allied bombs. An unforgettable description of life as lived by a German child during the 1940s.

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Childhood in the Third Reich World War II and Its Aftermath
 Abikhaled, Kaye Voigt
2002 0-7734-3425-9 84 pages

Price: $99.95

Daily Life of an Ordinary American Soldier During World War 2: The Letters of Wilbur C. Berget
 Berget, Wilbur C.
2008 0-7734-4918-3 500 pages
Written between 1941 and 1945, these personal, detailed letters serve as an important resource for World War II historians by illuminating the lives of ordinary soldiers.

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Disposal of Radioactive Wastes in the Metropolitan St. Louis Area: The Environmental and Health Legacy of the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works
 DeGarmo, Denise
2006 0-7734-5549-3 216 pages
This book seeks to provide an examination of the history and consequences of the atomic legacy of St. Louis and the Metro-East by appealing to historians, WWII enthusiasts, environmentalists, as well as individuals interested in domestic and international nuclear policy. Dating back to the beginning of the “Atomic Age,” 2.5 million cubic yards of radioactive wastes have been dispersed throughout the St. Louis area. This waste resulted from atomic weapons work carried out by Mallinckrodt Chemical Works for the US government under secret contract. Between 1942 and 1966, over 300,000 tons of uranium had been processed in the downtown St. Louis and Weldon Spring plants. While bits and pieces of information regarding the atomic legacy of St. Louis can be found on a number of internet sites and in a few historical accounts of the Manhattan Project, to date there has been no comprehensive study of the secret contracting effort that made Mallinckrodt Chemical Works one of the most important contributors to the atomic bomb project. Nor has there been adequate discussion of the long-term consequences of this atomic program on the health and environment of the community.

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Nazi Ideology as a Critical Race Theory: The Biopolitical Justification for Killing Jews (hardcover)
 Mineau, André
2022 1-4955-0954-0 312 pages
From the Author's "Summary of the essential elements" of Nazi ideology (pg. 278):
٭ In the field of foreign politics, Nazi ideology fully actualized the geopolitics of biology.
٭ Nazi ideology was predicated on what can be called the "1918 syndrome".
٭ To the Nazi mind, the downfall of Germany tragically confirmed the Jews' universal malevolence.
٭ The Holocaust accomplished what was logically contained within Nazi ideology.

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The Escape of Jews from Nazi Germany Through Spain, 1940-1944: Tracing the Stages of Their Dangerous Passage
 Feldman, Lawrence H.
2022 1-4955-1023-9 324 pages
This book offers an informative history of specific issues complicating attempts to escape Nazi Germany. "[I]t was understood that the Nazis were specifically targeting Jews. State terror had turned Jews into a convenient political scapegoat, and confiscating Jewish property had become a lucrative business. But in the Unites States, as elsewhere, anti-Semitism was on the ascent. ...Roosevelt took the position that to increase American "immigration quotas or appropriations of loans from public funds...[would] occasion public dispute." -Lawrence H. Feldman

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The Secret Agreement Between Franco and Hitler that Allowed Jews to Escape through Spain: An Unknown Chapter in History
 Feldman, Lawrence H.
2022 1-4955-0968-1 152 pages
This is a study of the role of Spain and Franco in the Holocaust with an aim to trace the relationship between Franco and Hitler during the Second World War. ...Hitler supported Franco during the Spanish Civil War, so it is surprising that Franco did not join Hitler in the war against the Allies. Hitler met Franco on the French border in 1940, but while a treaty was signed it was never implemented. Why? The evidence is in the diplomatic correspondence between the AXIS powers, Allies and Franco. -from the Author's "Prologue One"

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