Subject Area: Climate Studies/Climate Change

Climate Change as a Crisis in World Civilization
 Smith, Joseph Wayne
2008 0-7734-5162-5 372 pages
This study examines the scientific evidence relating to “abrupt” or “dangerous” climate change and explores the social, political, legal and philosophical significance of this evidence. The authors locate the “climate crisis” within the context of a wider crisis of civilization, consisting of a series of converging threats to human survival. There will need to be major changes to human living and thinking, including an abandonment of the idea that unending economic growth and a philosophy of consumer hedonism are compatible with the idea of an ecologically sustainable society.

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New Way of Thinking About Our Climate Crisis: The Rational-Comprehensive Approach
 Smith, Joseph Wayne
2009 0-7734-4808-X 320 pages
This work provides an examination of the scientific evidence of rapid climate change, offering suggestions on combating the crisis to policy makers. The authors show how our thinking must be transformed in order to avert catastrophe.

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