World Energy Crisis and the Task of Retrenchment: Reaching the Peak of Oil Production

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The unanticipated arrival of peak energy production will cause the greatest revolution in the Western world’s optimistic perceptions of the future since the beginning of the use of our fossil fuel inheritance in the 18th century. Retrenchment and scarcity will now be the themes of international discourse. This work probes the philosophical assumptions behind this planning lapse, the sudden confrontation with a reversal of all that has powered our political and economic institutions.


“[This work] should be widely read as a guide to how the world avoids a global resource war. This book should be mandatory reading for all public policy decision-makers who are still uninformed or unclear on the true definition of Peak Oil.” – Matthew R. Simmons, Chairman, Simmons & Company International

“The major philosophical focus of Itzkoff’s analysis . . . lies in the ideological errors that have allowed us to be pressed into an historical corner by the looming exhaustion of fossil energy. This liberal error that he expounds upon in great detail focuses on the misplaced philanthropy of the West in attempting to fight the irrationality of the revolutionary redistributionary totalitarianism of fascism and communism. To that end our medical and financial philanthropy has created a population bulge among humans only paralleled by earlier mammal forms on their way to evolutionary extinction. Part of the problem lies with the inability of this vast demography to produce rational, scientifically disciplined leadership that could have halted this march towards catastrophe.” – Professor John Glad, University of Maryland, Former Director, Kennan Institute, Wood row Wilson Center

Table of Contents

Foreword by Matthew R. Simmons, Chairman
Part I - Prologue – Paradigm Shift
1. Warning – Revolution
2. The Fossil Energy Age Ends: Facts and Inferences
3. Renewables and Our Energy Future
Part II - Prologue – Reason Astray
4. The High Bar of Modernity
5. The Moral Failure of Modern Liberalism
6. Why Islamic Hatred of the West
7. Environment vs. Biology: Our Future in Question
8. The Eugenics Revolution and Human Nature
9. Liberalism vs. Conservatism: The Unwinding of a Debate
Part III – Prologue – Light in the Distance
10. Population Overshoot
11. Human Capital: Secularism and Democracy
12. How Diverse a World?

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