Women Surviving the Holocaust in Spite of the Horror

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This research is based on taped, personal interviews with each former victim. Their backgrounds varied as to country of origin, size of family, economic resources, education of parents, and length and type of incarceration. Many common denominators emerged concerning their strategies for survival. As well as the stories of the ten survivors, the volume includes a Questionnaire for Holocaust Survivors. This research provides insights into early traumatization, and will prove useful to scholars in the disciplines of Holocaust studies, women's studies, psychology, sociology, law enforcement, gerontology, history and humanities. With photographs.


"This book is an important addition to Holocaust survivor literature. . . . What sets this book apart is the author's approach to the topic. . . ascertaining how -- directly or indirectly -- their post-Holocaust years had been affected by that trauma." - Akron Jewish News

"This is a valuable little book, deserving of wide readership. The stories of ten survivors of the Holocaust told by a woman who herself experienced the trauma of Nazism, supplement the already rich collections. . . . Professor Bendremer stresses their means of coping. . . . If there is a shortcoming in her book, it is that we are left wanting to know more." - Dr. Saul S. Friedman

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