What's a Heaven For?

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The title of this volume has been taken from a Robert Browning poem. This may account for the sticks, stones, arrows, and juxtaposed subtleties and energetic language of the poetry. Love poems elicit various reactions from readers, but the love poems of Juanita Kirk make up a volume which is closely related to an autobiography. Acting out love is a dangerous thing in these days of postmodern criticism, but Kirk joyfully speaks her mind to her many loves, and she defies any of them to find themselves on the pages.


"The intensity that she invests into each pane's viewpoint is startling and singular, so intense that the poems appear to jump and twitch under our attentive eyes. Proust mentioned that great poetry occurs when the poet's cast of power fits precisely into the channel demanded by the specific poetic form employed, and this woman fits so snugly within her chosen forms' channels that we are delightedly shocked." -- Dusty Dog Review

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