Histories of Gladys the Chronicle of One Woman Who Knows She's Really Everybody Else

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"Through a darkly serious parody and mimicking of the American character, The Histories of Gladys is a blisteringly funny, bittersweet assault on our bewildered society. Jane Young and Thomas Keith not only pay homage to performance art as a forum for political kickboxing, but somehow reinvent it. Gladys ultimately forms a panorama of the archly conservative, morally corrupted people we rarely admit we are." -- Leonard Jacobs, The Village Voice

"Verbal bravura . . . . You either get it or you don't."- Theater Week

"The Histories of Gladys is quite extraordinary. The words are like a mixture of Mr. Joyce and Mr. Beckett, but not as gloomy." - Quentin Crisp, The New York Native

"Young and Keith's poems have a tone of knowing naivete, which is to say they insinuate acerbic observations in an innocent pose. The effect is that of a grown-up version of Curious George stories, which is both as playful and as arch as that sounds." -- New York Newsday

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