What Do Midwestern African Men Think About Religion, Family, Race, Gender, Education, and Jobs?: A Researcher's Guide to Oral Interviews Deposited in Indiana Libraries

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The book is a selection of brief statements from 6-8 African American men who summarize their points of view on the topics of religion, family , race, gender, education, and jobs. The transcribed interviews have been deposited into various Indiana libraries.


"Political Science Professor Paul Kriese, through first person interviews, has captured the unique voices of African American men in Indiana on issues of education, religion, race, gender, family, and neighborhood. He astutely interweaves key elements of individuals into universal themes that represent diverse perspectives. Dr. Kriese enables readers to see these men beyond stereotypes and provides insights into the impact of individual experiences on their lives. He succeeds in writing history stories that might otherwise not be told." Francis Yates, Specialist, Library and Information Science Library Director,
Indiana University East

Table of Contents

Foreword by J. David Gillespie


Chapter One: Democracy, African-American Male "Voices" and Plans to Proceed

Chapter Two: From Territorial Status to Statehood

Chapter Three: Education: Introductory Statement to "Voices" Chapters

Chapter Four: Religion: Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Muslims Here

Chapter Five: Family: Diverse and Traditional

Chapter Six: Race: The Colorful Elephant in the Room

Chapter Seven: Gender: A Double- and often Triple-Edged Sword

Chapter Eight: Neighborhood: Keeping it Solid and Flexible

Chapter Nine: Young Men of Color, Be Yourself

Chapter Ten: A Summary of Voices: Education as Block and Liberation



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