Understanding the Many Faces of the Culture of Higher Education

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"I believe this book would be an important addition to the libraries of administrators and faculty members trying to decipher the changing culture in higher education. Faced with unprecedented demands for accountability, all of us in higher education are facing external and internal pressures that require our best coping efforts. . . Culture of Higher Education is both timely and pertinent to current challenges. . ." -

"This book describes present and future problems facing our universities today. Of particular note are articles dealing with leadership and decision making strategies. Will our college campuses reflect collegiality, the pursuit of truth and provide forums for ideas, or will they fit corporate efficiency models, accountability traps and `learning for earning' strategies? . . . This book makes some good suggestions for improvement of higher education in America, and is well worth the reading for those in higher education interested in doing more than merely follow someone else's lead." -- Fred D. Kierstead

"The collection of articles dealing with crucial issues in post secondary education covers the most pressing concerns in the field. I believe the book does a very good job of bringing the theory and practice of teaching and administration into perspective. I would recommend this book to all those interested in understanding the institution of higher education." -- Dr. Barbara Hinton

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