Case Study Approach to a Multi-Cultural Mosaic in Education

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“The great advantage of Professor Van Patten’s assemblage of ‘case studies’ in the present volume is that it illustrates in the most tangible fashion possible dilemmas faced by individual school districts, and by working teachers and school administrators operating on the front lines….. this book is designed to serve as a concise though reasonably comprehensive resource to support courses in multicultural education for teachers. The narrative is straightforward and readily understandable. The variety of case studies presented is commendable…. Adding greatly to its potential utility are the references, web-site and internet resources identified throughout. Dr. Van Patten’s contribution to the literature on multicultural education will likely find its place as important instructional tool within the field.” – Christopher J. Lucas, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

“… brings clarity to the challenges we face as a society and more specifically as educators. Often readings in multiculturalism and diversity only reaffirm stereotypes and at best merely help the reader develop an external understanding and concern for other groups of people. This book and these case studies however move us beyond mere tolerance. The experiences shared in these studies help to bring clarity to the way other people live their lives. Of even greater value are the questions that follow each case. The discussions emerging from these questions will help educators internalize the value of differences.” – Cornell Thomas, Professor & Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Texas Christian University

“Not only are the current pressures for change in education described, but successful methods of solving them are demonstrated…. I highly recommend this book.” – Martin W. Schoppmeyer, Emeritus Distinguished Professor, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface; Reflections
1. Introduction
· American Newcomers in the 21st Century
· The Challenge of International Trade
2. Diversity in America
· Undocumented Students
· Language Breakthroughs – Children and their Families
· Hispanic Diversity – Adult Learner Cuban Perspectives
· Language Deficiency
· Working Toward Tolerance
· Middle East Cultural Differences
· Regional and Community Diversity (seven cities, seven work styles)
· Challenges in the Workplace
· Hate Language Confronted
3. Education and Society
· Reaching Out to a Native American
· Problems of the Middle East Enter my Classroom
· Sharing a Quest for Mutual Understanding
· Involving a Student in Resolving Discrimination Concerns
· A Student Report of a Gun – Low Key Response
· A Hispanic Gang Leader
· A Teacher Learns Hispanic Cultural Differences
· Historical Biases in Rural America Still Exist
· A New Teacher and a Structured Environment
· Taking a Student’s Word: A Wrong Move
4. Future Connections
· A Community Facing Cultural Change
· Special Education: A Teacher Survives a Scare
· Bureaucracy and Legal Papers
· Remembrances of an Immigrant
· Crossing Cultural Boundaries
· Cultural Sensitivity
· Cultural Shock
· Gaining Global and Racial Perspectives
· Professional Organizations, Diversity and Globalization
5. Understanding Children’s Individual Needs
· Discovering a Special Needs Student
· Meeting the Needs of a Special Education Student
· Speaking English without Understanding Meanings
· Meeting Multidimensional Challenges of a Special Education Student
· High Expectations
6. Technology and the Information Age
· An Alarming Internet Venture
7. Civility, Comity, and Ethics
· Perspectives on Discrimination in Japan
· The Ugly American
· Not Rocking the Boat
· A New Generation
8. The Future, Conclusion and Summary
· Transculturalism and a New Language
· Networking
· A Day That Will Live in Infamy: History Repeats Itself
· Interdependence
References; Bibliography; Other Resources; Glossary; Index

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