Ultimo Cuerpo De Campanas/the Last Toll of the Bells

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This work includes the first collection of poems by Rafael Montesinos to be translated into English, with hopes of making the works of one of the most notable twentieth century Spanish poets of post-civil war Spain more well-known. His collection of free verse poems, including El Ultimo Cuerpo de Campanas (The Last Toll of the Bells), reflects the poet’s deep concern with existentialist themes as reflected in poems steeped in nostalgia, childhood, love, friendship, and his birthplace, Seville. Through this collection of poetry the poet defines himself as existentialist and a master of capturing subtle bittersweet irony.


“[these two] talented and dedicated translators have helped to fortify [Montesinos’] art against the oblivion he felt most excruciatingly … their work also invites others to bring more of this major Spanish poet’s oeuvre into English.” – (From the Foreword) Professor Donald Morrill, University of Tampa

“[the translators’] intimate relationship with the poet is reflected in the thoughtfulness of their careful translations that both honor Montesinos’ lucid lyricism and respect the formality and precision of his poetic voice ... " – Professor Tia Ballantine, University of Hawaii

Table of Contents

Foreword by Donald Morrill; Acknowledgements Introduction to Translation; (Lugar de dedicatoria…/ In place of the dedication …)
1. Estatua del olvido / The Statue of the Forgotten
2. Sólo el amor / Only Love
3. Cuando la tarde nos acoge / When the Afternoon Greets Us
4. Soleá (“No digas …”) / Soleá (“Don’t say …”)
5. Sólo un instante / Only an Instant
6. Anotado en mi agenda / Written on My Schedule
7. Damnatio Memoriae / Damnatio Memoriae
8. Soleá (“Que me importa …”) / Soleá (“What do I care …”)
9. Viendo pasar la gente y el olvido / Watching People and the Forgotten Pass By
10. A sí mismo / To Oneself
11. La mascara de olvido / The Mask of the Forgotten
12. Soleá (“Yo le digo …”) / Soleá (“I will tell you …”)
13. Escrito sobre el pecho / Written on my Chest
14. Tan verdad como unos ojos / As True as a Pair of Eyes
15. Entresueños / Half asleep, Half awake
1. Con paletadas de sombra / With an Artist’s Shadowy Brush Strokes
2. Canción para antes de escribir / Song for Before Beginning to Write
3. El hijo / The Son
4. Ultima Mirada / A Last Look
5. Ejercicio espiritual / Spiritual Exercise
6. Déjame que te diga / Let me Tell You
7. Soleá (“Hice mi verdad … “) / Soleá (“I broke my truth …”)
8. La hora / Time
9. Cancioncilla del tiempo / A Little Song about Time
1. Adagio lamentoso / Lamentful Adagio
2. Viejos amigos / Old Friends
3. Elegía por aquellos versos que no escribí / Eulogy for Those Verses that I did not Write
4. Campo de Jaramagos / Field of Wildflowers
5. Soleá (“Siempe dudando …”) / Soleá (“Always doubting …”)
6. Testamento de las palabras / Testament of Words
7. Nacimiento de un poeta / Birth of a poet
8. En luminosa soledad / In Luminous Solitude
9. El Poeta Pregunta a Albinoni por La Plaza de San Marcos / The Poet asks Albinoni about the Plaza de San Marcos
10. Epitafio a un Viejo Poeta Amigo / Epitaph to an Old Poet Friend
11. El Viejo Amante / An Old Lover
12. Soleá (“Buscaría aquellas piedras …”) / Soleá (“I would look for those stones …”)
13. Brindis / A Toast
1. Sol Sobre un Retrato a Sanguina / The Sun on a Portrait in Red Pencil
2. El Viejo Mapa / The Old Map
3. Madrigal y presentimiento / A Madrigal and a Premonition
4. Ultimo cuerpo de campanas / The Last Toll of the Bells

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