A Study of Twenty- First Century Andalusian Poetry: Facing Page Spanish / English Translations of Seven Andalusian Women Poets ( Juana Castro, Rosa Diaz, Paloma Fernandez Goma, Maria Rosal, Maria Del Valle Rubio, Pilar Sanabria, and Maria Sanz )

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This work offers a fresh perspective on bilingual anthology. It’s expertly translated verses wonderfully capture the bold and vibrant contemporary Andalusian poetry of this select group of women. The added reader bonus is the inclusion of helpful and important biographical excerpts from interviews of these outstanding female poets.


“This volume is comprised of a selection of poets with impressive pedigrees of publication and awards. There are short biographical statements based on interviews by Hidalgo-Calle, that have yielded precious insights into their view of their work…accessible to readers of Spanish, to students of the language, to lovers of poetry. An important dish that needed to be served is now on the counter.”
-David W. Seaman,
Professor of French,
Georgia Southern University

“This work fills a void in the English language literature concerning Spanish, particularly Andalusian poetry…it should prove to be of great interest for students, teachers, and to general readers interested in world poetry.”
-Dr. Michael D. Murphy,
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology,
University of Alabama

“Foremost, this anthology is among the first few bilingual efforts to bring to light the works of southern Spain women poets outside of their region. This group of charming, vibrant, and passionate women includes an assortment of the most representative works produced by such poets…let’s be grateful to both Hidalgo-Calle and Putnam for their expertise in translation, their contribution to the dispersion of southern Spain women’s poetry, and for the unique gift of this bilingual anthology so that we may both, on each side of the Atlantic enjoy such bold, yet delicate, and at time fiery poetry that mirrors today’s view of the world as seen by Spain’s contemporary southern women.
-Dr. Jorge W. Suazo,
Georgia Southern University

Table of Contents

Foreword by David Seaman, Ph.D.
Introduction to Translation
Juana Castro
-Biografía,br> -Selección de poemas
Rosa Díaz
-Selección de poemas
Paloma Fernández Gomá
-Selección de poemas
María Rosal
-Selección de poemas
María del Valle Rubio
-Selección de poemas
Pilar Sanabria
-Selección de poemas
María Sanz
-Selección de poemas
Select Bibliography of the Poets

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