Twelve Religions of the Bible

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Shows the Bible to be a succession of twelve relatively separate religions, eight in the Old Testament and four in the New: the Sumero-Akkadian religion of Genesis 1-11; the Aramaean religion of the patriarchal nomads; the Egypto-Midianite religion of Moses; Joshua's religion of genocide; the Canaanite-Hebrew religion of the Judges and Kings; the revolutionary religion of Israel's prophets; Judaism; the humanistic religion of poets and scholars; the Mandaean religion of John the Baptist; the spiritual religion of Jesus; Paul's mystical religion of the indwelling of Christ; and the apocalyptic religion of the Revelator.


". . . deserves the consideration of two quite different groups, those interested in the Bible as the record of the development of Western religious thought, and those who turn to the Bible for religious instruction and inspiration." - Unitarian-Universalist World

". . . the crowning achievement of a nationally known Biblical scholar . . . . The work is marked throughout by profound scholarship . . . . provides an unmatched vista of Biblical religious history." - The Churchman

"This is the best source book to aid in understanding the Bible this reviewer has seen in many years." - CLF News Bulletin

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