Social-Scientific Approaches in Biblical Literature

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“This important work by Robert Wortham is grounded in the sociological tradition of explaining events from a socio-cultural perspective. Wortham presents a thoughtful application of social science concepts to the interpretation of biblical texts. He presents clear explanations of important concepts from sociology, cultural anthropology and psychology. Wortham displays great skill in utilizing these conceptual tools to interpret the meaning and significance of biblical events in their social and historical contexts. . . . represents a pioneering effort in bridging the gap between the social sciences and religious studies.” – Dr. Isaac A. Robinson

“. . . offers biblical scholars several theoretical and practical examples of social-scientific approaches. These approaches provide the student with tools for understanding the social and cultural world preserved in a text. Without denigrating the historical and literary exegetical approaches which have dominated the field over the past hundred years, Wortham makes a convincing case for the legitimacy and usefulness of social-scientific approaches as additional ways to seek understanding.” – Dr. M. Christopher White

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by Dr. Anthony Blasi
1. Cultural Anthropology and Biblical Criticism
2. Anthropological Exegesis: Preliminary Reflections on a Social-Scientific Exegetical Method
3. Symbol and Ritual as Social Hermeneutics in the Thought of Victor Turner
4. Levi-Strauss and the Structural Analysis of Myth: An Overview and Application to Genesis 12-50
5. The Problem of Anti-Judaism in 1Thess 2: 14-16 and Related Pauline Texts
6. Christology as Community Identity in the Philippians Hymn
7. A source Critical-Statistical analysis of the Infancy Narratives of Matthew, Luke and the Protevangelium of James
Bibliography, Indices

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