Trends in English and American Studies Literature and the Imagination Essays in Honour of James Lester Hogg

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This volume contains 32 essays which deal with modern trends in criticism in American and English literary and linguistic studies.

Table of Contents

Essays include:
Reflections on Science and the Humanities (Tyrus Hillway)
Wozu lese und Schreibe ich? Notizen aus Anlaß meiner Lektüren von Adrienne Rich und Friederike Mayröcker (Leo Truchlar)
Teaching American Literature and Culture: Problems in Pedagogy (Hanna Wallinger)
The Hispanic Owl of South Texas (Thomas Meade Harwell)
William Bercher's Dyssputac[i]on off the Nobylytye off Wymen - Text and Transmission (Janet Wharton)
Twelfth Night 1.1:5-7 (I. J. Kirby)
Shakespeare's Primitive and the Dream of Perfection (John E. Van Domelen)
Shakespeare als Buch (Holger Klein)
William Strode's "Faire Chloris" and her Metamorphoses (Glyn Pursglove)
Margaret Cavendish and Madame de Lafayette (Robert I. Letellier)
Blake and the Self-Conscious Poem (Michael O'Neill)
The Early Stages of Byron's Relationship with Gifford (Itsuyo Higashinaka)
Archetypal Images of Transformation and the Self in Percy Bysshe Shelley's The Revolt of Islam (Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger)
The Origin and Culmination of Shelley's Philhellenism (Marius Byron Raizis)
Indian Echoes in Shelley: An Interpretation (Dharni Dhar Baskiyar)
Madeline Unhoodwink'd: The Eve of St. Agnes as Self-Reflexive Romance (Warren Stevenson)
Emerson as a Phenomenological Philosopher and Poet (John Stephen Martin)
Swinburne's "Ave Atque Vale" (Ian Jack)
Oscar Wilde - Rehabilitated at Last (Christa Satzinger)
Quartet and Four Quartets: The Influence of T. S. Eliot on Paul Scott (Gerwin Strobl)
Setting Allegory Adrift in John Ashbery's Mountains and Rivers, James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and Vincent O'Sullivan's Let the River Stand (Katrina Bachinger)
Rocks and Waves: Virginia Woolf, Leslie Stephen and Byron (Ernest Giddey)
"Between Politics and Transcendence": History and Utopian Possiblity in the Work of Seamus Heaney (Brian Cosgrove)
(Re)writing Contemporary Literary History: (Small) Presses, Little Magazines, University Curricula (Wolfgang Görtschacher)
Sex-Maniacs, Errant Knights and Lady Professors: Romance and Satire in Lodge's University Novels (Sabine Coelsch-Foisner)
A Wondrous Novel: Wheel of Fortune (Bill Wahl)
Inventing America: Jefferson Seals the Revolution (Malcolm Kelsall)
Modern Morality Plays on Broadway: Jelly's Last Jam (1992), Angels in America (1993) (Ulrich Müller)
The Veneration of the Virgin Mary in Finland - a Heritage from the Middle Ages (Gunnel Cleve)
Literature of the Absurd (G. J. Zambardi Mall)
On Metaphor and Second Language Learning (Wilfried Wieden)
Global Advertising: Strategien internationaler Werbung (Wolfgang Grosser und Karl Hubmayer)
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