Changing Face of Literary and Cultural Studies in English in a Transnational Environment

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These essays discuss not only British literature but other literatures in English and texts in other media including film, and the changing face of not just one nation's cultural studies but cultural studies in a transnational environment. These essays epitomize a complex proliferation of approaches to the ever-changing domain of literary and cultural studies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1.Inter-Culture and the Postmodern (Peter Malekin)

2. Models of the Self: Consciousness in British Literary and Cultural Studies (William S. Haney II)

3.Ethnic Identities, Auto-Texts: Autobiography and Cultural Theory (Patrick Roney)

4.Poetic Rhythm and Cultural Change (Ronald Tamplin)

5.Academies of Diversity: The Present and Future of English Studies (John McRae)

6."A Matter of Faith": Matthew Arnold and Culture (Anthony Lake)

7.Literary/Cultural Studies and Rhetoric (Nicholas O. Pagan)

8.Renaissance Rhetoric and Cultural Studies (Matthew DeCoursey)

9.Changing Representations of the Scot in Contemporary Film and Literature (Christopher Purdie)

10.Imagined Literatures: How Bhabha, Ngugi, and Spivak Exploit Fiction for their Own Ends (Gönül Pultar)

11.Culture and the Function of Criticism: The Case of Edward Said (Valerie Kennedy)

12.Applying Western Models of Cultural Studies to Egypt: The Case of Walter Armbrust (Robert D'Alonzo)

13.On Cultural Studies and the History of Science (Christina DeCoursey)

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