Translation From German Into English of Joseph Von Eichendorff’s Romantic Novel Ahnung Und Gegenwart (1815)

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The first ever translation, into any language, of the long ignored first major literary prose work, Ahnung und Gegenwart, by Joseph von Eichendorff. This translation opens new doors of discussion about German Romanticism by exploring the issues relating to women and gender studies and the emergence of modernism.


“Over the course of the past three decades, Dennis Mahoney, has gained international recognition for his research on the novels of the Age of Goethe and on German Romanticism… As for the translation, I have compared the work done by Dennis and Maria Mahoney with Eichendorff’s German original and can commend them on a translation which is not only accurate but which also gives a sense of the author’s sentence structure and rhythmic flow. The same hold true for the English rendition of the poems, a number of which count among the masterpieces of German lyric poetry.”
-Paul Michael Lützeler,
Rosa May Distinguished Professor in the Humanities,
Washington University

“In my view, the critical introduction to this first-ever English translation of Eichendorff’s Ahnung und Gegenwart has an essentially sound and thorough critical apparatus, which is adroitly presented to likely readers in a helpful way - likely readers including, in my view: those studying German literature from the senior undergraduate level and on to graduate students and academics doing research on German romanticism and nineteenth-century prose…”
-Raleigh Whitinger,
Professor of German,
University of Alberta, Canada

“Professor Mahoney provides an insightful introduction to the life and work of Eichendorff, solidly grounding it in a fair amount of footnotes which refer to the relevant sources of other Eichendorff scholarship. This strategy of further substantiating the main body of the text by footnotes is also characteristic of the translated novel, where they continue to enrich the text with references to its various literary, mythological and autobiographical contexts.”
-Frederick A. Lubich,
Professor of German,
Old Dominion University, Virginia

"It is a notable event for students of Romanticism and general readers alike that renowned scholars Dennis F. Mahoney and Maria A. Mahoney have prepared the first English translation of Ahnung und Gegenwart (1815). Indeed, it is the first translation of this unjustly neglected novel into any language at all. The authors hope that this groundbreaking example of late Romantic narrative with its ethereal and musical poetic inclusions will serve a text for college classes in several disciplines while opening the way for specialists in comparative literature and the other humanities or social sciences to integrate consideration of this this novel into their scholarship.
Attractive and readable, modern and informative, this ambitious, successful translation offers instructors, general readers, and German specialists a welcome opportunity to add to their understanding of late Romanticism, trends in novelistic forms, and comparative literature. It will certainly contribute to the reevaluation and enhancement of Eichendorff's place in early nineteenth-century literature."
Dr. Erlis Wickersham,
Rosemont College

Table of Contents

Foreword: Professor Paul Michael Lützeler, Washington University
Introduction: Professor Dennis F. Mahoney, University of Vermont
Book One:
Chapters 1-10
Book Two:
Chapters 11-17
Book Three:
Chapters 18-24
Appendix I: Eichendorff’s Foreword to Ahnung und Gegenwart
Appendix II: Fouque’s Foreword to Ahnung und Gegenwart

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