Translation From French Into English of Camille Mauclair’s le Soleile Des Morts / Sun of the Dead

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The first book to provide English reader access to this keyhole picture of life during the Belle-Époque in France and the demise of the symbolist movement. This ambitious work delivers to the reader an exquisite translation of this unique fictionalized portrait of the elite artists, writers, critics, painters and composers living in Paris at that time.


“Dr. Yeoland’s translation and thorough annotations represent the first attempt to offer all, scholars and students alike, in the English-speaking world and beyond, the opportunity to discover a French writer, famous in his years, and to acquaint themselves with the epoch he so precisely reported on; thus broadening this field of study and expanding its scope.”
-Dr. Agnès Hafez-Ergaut,
Lecturer (retired)
European Languages and Studies – School of Humanities,
University of Tasmania

“Dr. Yeoland’s translation and edition of the work is timely. The translation is seamless and reads extremely well. Her extensive and scholarly introduction to the novel provides pertinent insights into Mauclair’s life and the novel’s subject matter, and reveals an intimate knowledge of the people and events of the period…Aficionados and scholars of French literature and culture will welcome Dr. Yeoland’s translation of Mauclair’s Le Soleil des morts.
-Dr. Ralph Spaulding University Associate,
School of Humanities,
University of Tasmania

“With this translation of Sun of the Dead (Le Soleil des morts) Rosemary Yeoland augments and enriches her work on the poet, novelist, music and art critic Camille Mauclair (1872-1945). Written at the time of his rupture with the symbolist movement, when Mauclair was only twenty-six years old, Sun of the Dead develops a critique of symbolism as an aesthetic philosophy… Suitable for both scholarly and general readers there is much to engage here as the Parisian fin de siècle and its intense ferment – both political and aesthetic – is vividly rendered. Whether Sun of the Dead is used to supplement studies or individual artists, authors or musicians, or historical work on the era, or enhance discussion on key modern, aesthetic movements or just read for pleasure – the reading public, both general and scholarly can only be grateful to Rosemay Yeoland for making Mauclair’s work accessible for the English reader.”
-Dr. Eleni Pavlides,University Associate,
School of Social Sciences,
University of Tasmania

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr.Agnès Hafez-Ergaut
Acknowledgements / Introduction
Preface of Camille Mauclair
First Book: The Elite
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Second Book : Restlessness
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Third Book : Sylvaine
Chapter X
Chapter XI
Chapter XII
Fourth Book: Dawn
Chapter XIII
Chapter XIV
Chapter XV

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