La Contribution LittÉraire De Camille Mauclair Au Domaine Musical Parisien

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This work situates itself in the intertextual domain of literature and music. It examines how the French homme de lettres, Camille Mauclair (1872-1945) made a significant contribution to the musical education of the Parisian public at the end of the nineteenth century. In French.


"Well beyond revealing Mauclair’s relationships with his contemporaries, Rosemary Yeoland’s book succeeds in bringing alive the taste of an epoch for music. It offers a particularly interesting insight into the sensibilities of the 1900s towards musicians and the role of men of letters in shaping this sensibility. Above all, it paints a rich and generous portrait of one of these men (there were a few of them around 1900) for whom critique was an art and art was a religion." - Prof. Guy Ducrey, Université de Strasbourg

“For lovers of European music, Rosemary Yeoland’s book completes our knowledge of this author from a marvellously rich period undergoing radical transformation. Rosemary Yeoland brings together certain important areas relating to the understanding of Mauclair’s (musical) aesthetic.” - Dr. David Elder, Edith Cowan University

“This monograph, devoted to the musical aesthetic of Mauclair’s work, recreates this elegant and fertile eclecticism. Based on an impressive bibliography composed of diverse and multiple sources (archive documents, forgotten review articles, manuscripts, correspondence, etc.), it offers a study as detailed and as it is documented, not only of the author’s work and his philosophy, but also of his epoch and the ideas that shaped it. . . . Yeoland’s work thus distinguishes itself doubly. On the one hand, it is an historical guide for lovers of this epoch and of its arts - which she has so well attempted to serve - and which will satisfy curiosity and erudition. On the other hand, it is a working tool for researchers delving in this documented and archival mine, whether they are looking for musicological precision or studying details of a rupture or following the paths of reflection, as recorded by the author, in this description not only of a man and his work but also of a public and an epoch in full effervescence both culturally and artistically.” - Dr. Agnès Hafez-Ergaut, University of Tasmania

Table of Contents

Avant-propos Professor Guy Ducrey
Foreword Professor Guy Ducrey
Première partie
Chapitre 1 : Le contexte : philosophie, musique et littérature
Chapitre 2 : Évolution de l’esthétique de Camille Mauclair
Deuxième partie
Chapitre 3 : Les années symbolistes
Chapitre 3 (suite)
Chapitre 4 : Le Soleil des morts ou les années post-symbolistes
Chapitre 5 : Sous les feux de la rampe Troisième partie
Chapitre 6 : Mauclair, critique de musique
Chapitre 7 : Mauclair, historien
Chapitre 7 (suite)
Chapitre 8 : La religion de la musique
Chapitre 9 : Les Héros de l’orchestre
Chapitre 10 : Critique et compétence
Chapitre 10 (suite)
Correspondance de Camille Mauclair
Index des noms

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