There are Three Different Heavens: What the Bible Teaches (Softcover)

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Dr. Wicker describes the Biblical view of Heaven and how it is perceived. This text breaks down the description of the Heaven for Believers and non-Believers.


"People in different religions sometimes say 'You go your way, and we will eventually get to Heaven.' Yet, is that true? Do all roads really lead to Heaven.

This book is a biblically-based pastoral reflection on the three heavens and how they can positively impact your life today."
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Trinity of Heavens

Chapter 2: The Heavens: Up Close and Personal

Chapter 3: Heaven's Incredible Inhabitants

Chapter 4: Who is going to Heaven?

Chapter 5: What Will we do in Heaven?

Chapter 6: Heaven's Four-Way Impact

Chapter 7: The New Heaven and New Earth: So What?

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