The 1820-1850 Religious Revivals of Hans Nielsen Hauge

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"This book will be discussing the implementation process of new ethical standards, caused by the comprehensive religious revivals of the followers of Hans Nielesn Hauge, which took place in South-Western Norway during the first hald of the 19th century. ...During the period from 1820 up until 1850, this part of Norway was in a special situation, being the only coherent region where the Haugian revivals were characterised as a larger part of the society. ...The overall question of this book, the "grand idee" to study the process of the modernisation of mentality." Svein Ivar Lanhelle, p.1, ch. 1

Table of Contents

1. Religious answers to arising questions of time?
2. Inspirations
3. Haugian ethical standards established
4. Proven and accepted books
5. The old rural community was shaken to its roots
6. Scottish and Dutch influences?
7. Self-confident farmers and Nordic revivals
8. Religion between tradition and modernity
9. References

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