The Rise of African American Poetics from Langston Hughes to Gwendolyn Brooks: The Arc of Modernism

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Professor Miller traces the development of African American poetics from the jazz modernist Langston Hughes to his later contemporary Gwendolyn Brooks. Along the way, the critic accounts for social and historical developments within each new generation of African American verse from the Harlem Renaissance to the new millennium.


"The African American poetic tradition had emerged from a quest for transcendent truth. Grounded in spirituality and steeped in historical memory, it derived from the family, church, music, and oral traditions, all of which encapsulated cultural meaning. Epiphanies by the writers persisted during the direst times in the 400 years of African American history, including enslavement and the nadir of race relations during the two most recent centuries."
Dr. Valerie Frazier,
College of Charleston

Table of Contents


Foreword by Herman Beavers

Preface by Valerie Frazier

Author’s Preface

Chapter 1: Langston Hughes and the Rise of African American Modernist Poetics

Chapter 2: Arc of Modernity: African American Poetics of the Forties

Chapter 3: Dudley Randall and the Cultural Production of New Modernisms

Chapter 4: The Subtler Modernism of Margaret Walker

Chapter 5: Gwendolyn Brooks and the Humanistic Redemption of Modernity



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