The Relations Between Pre-Islamic Turks and Georgians From the Third to the Ninth Century: A History of Byzantine - Persian Politics in the Caucasus

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Born out of the gap existing in the Georgian historiography, this work brings a new point of view on the history of the pre-Islamic Turks and their influence and relationships with the Georgians over many centuries of cultural, political, and social interaction.


“The issues reviewed address separate events and episodes from the historic past of Georgia, often chronologically distant from each other, but they are united by one basic issues – relations of Pre-Islamic Turks with Georgia, their military-political cooperation and confrontation…[it] is performed in a highly professional manner and it can be said, with scientific confidence, which undoubtedly makes it interesting for researchers of the Georgian history as well as the history of the Caucasian countries.”
-Professor Mzia Surguladze,
National Center of Manuscripts

“Publication of any new research is a pleasant and welcomed fact but introduction of a monograph addressing a new scientific understanding of separate issues of the history of Georgia is much more important. In this regard, the work of Giuli Alasania is rather significant…The book is a great asset for historical scientists in general and necessarily requires publication in English to become available for the international scientific community.”
-Professor Nani Gelovani,
Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences,
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Table of Contents

Commendatory Foreword by G. Djaparidze, Review
Author’s Preface
Review of Historiography and Sources
Chapter I
The Bun-Turks According to Georgian Written Sources
Chapter II
The Georogians and the Pre-Islamic Turks in the Early Middle Ages
Part 1. The Georgians and the Early Unions of the Turkic Tribes in the Caucasus
Part 2. Relations between Wakhtang Gorgasali and the Huns: the Date of His Death
Part 3. Abolition of the Royal Power in Kartli; Relationships Between the Georgians and the Turks during the 6th century
Part 4. Georgian Relationship with the Khazars in the first half of the 7th-8th centuries
Chapter III
Georgia, the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius and his Turkic Allies
Chapter IV
On the Personality of the Creator of the Abkhaz Kingdom
Chapter V
Regarding the Date of Establishment of Amirate of Tbilisi
Chapter VI
The Struggle of the Georgians for Independence and the Role of the Khazars in the History of Georgia in the second half of the 9th Century (The origins of the “Kingdom of Georgians”)
Chapter VII
The Qipchaqs in Georgia
Chapter VIII
Links of the Orbeli dynasty to the Turkish world: a myth or reality?

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