The Impact of the English Colonization of Ireland in the Sixteenth Century: A

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No scholarship exists on the English colonization of Ireland in the sixteenth centuries from a post-colonial perspective, and this book seeks to fill in that gap in the literature. While aimed at academic generalists, and described as an introduction to the topic, the book expands ongoing discussions about the nature of imperialism, and whether or not there is a paradigmatic way in which it occurs that transcends its particular time and place. Ireland is a microcosm that when studied reveals how the contemporary world still shows lingering traces of colonialism. Hendrix convincingly shows how English involvement in the region forever changed the cultural landscape of Ireland.


“I encourage you to read this work and consider how the colonization of the Irish contributed greatly in transforming a sense of ‘other’ into modern-day ‘racism’ – the two are very different.”

-Prof. Troy L. Kickler
North Carolina State University

“I have been greatly impressed by the book, it is a clear introduction to the events it covers and it is a strikingly helpful introduction to a critical approach to written sources.”

-Prof. Brian Feltham,
University of Reading

“To provide themselves and others a reason for their mission, colonialists needed a strong narrative that made clear the goodness of their mission, and the ‘otherness’ and ‘difference’ of the colonized as something bad and uncivilized. With his analysis of the Irish context, the author shows exactly how this is true, not only for Ireland, but for England’s other subsequent colonies.”

-Prof. Uchenna B. Okeja,
Goethe University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Troy L. Kickler

Chapter 1: The Age of Exploitation

Chapter 2: Forcing Submission: The Tudor Conquest

Chapter 3: Assault on the Irish Way of Life

Chapter 4: Irish Religion and English Colonial Efforts

Chapter 5: Postlude


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