Riot and Resistance in County Norfolk, 1646-1650

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This text offers new insight into the political unrest in East Britain between 1646 and 1650. New information is provided regarding the “Winter Insurrection” of 1650. New analysis connects these events to future uprisings in Britain and the United States.


“[The author’s] sophisticated, historical study is a timely one that can offer insight into current events…[it] raises questions that can and should be asked by historians of modern history.” – Prof. Troy L. Kickler, North Carolina State University

“…an important contribution to both English history in particular and world history in general.” – Prof. Jacob Hamric, Pellissippi State College

“…well organized and clearly written…a thoroughly researched examination…” – Prof. Paul Rempe, Carroll University

Table of Contents

Preface by Troy L. Kickler


Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: The State of England: 1646-1650
Chapter 3: Conditions in Norfolk:1646-1650

Chapter 4: Expressions of Discontent: 1646-1648

Chapter 5: The Winter Insurrection of 1650

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