The Imagining of Community in the Arts of Guatemala: Weaving, Folk Tales, Marimba Performance, and Contemporary Painting

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Three types of Guatemalan art that represent imagines of community are presented here. The particular techniques and structure of each set of works project an imagining of community that is unique to those pieces. Studying the pieces together lays the groundwork for re-imagining the relation of arts and society.


“[This] study invites scholars and artists to recognize the intersections of art and community — and provides the essential tools to examine other potent works and to weigh their significance in the imagining and shaping of community. As such, the book is an essential treatment of its subject.” – Prof. James Fisher, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“Greene has given us a work of great range, crossing disciplinary boundaries and pursuing imaginative visions in music, painting, architecture, philosophy, religion and politics. . . . readers will, no doubt, wish to take up his invitation to consider how other great works of art may be imagining community.” – Prof. Melissa Butler, Wabash College

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