The Diaries and Letters of Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843-1929): A Scholar-Diplomat in East Asia Selected, Edited, and Annotated by Ian C. Ruxton

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Sir Ernest Satow was the doyen of the British scholar-diplomats of the Meiji era in Japan. Satow’s genius made him a colossal figure of his time, deeply respected by the Japanese who knew of his profound scholarship and knowledge of their country, and the desired representative of Britain in Tokyo where he was appointed Minister in 1895-1900. His presence in Tokyo assisted the process of coming to an agreement in the negotiations of Anglo-Japan Alliance of 1902.


“...a book that is bound to please anyone interested in Ernest Satow, and hopefully many others. It gets into print many of his most striking opinions, and helps to enhance his reputation by drawing attention to his private personality, experience and acute understanding of a little known and increasingly important aspect of international history. All to discreet in his lifetime as he was, in the context of an unfairly checquered career and the prejudices of the era, it is only through his private diaries and correspondence that he fully reveals himself. And the more such sources are trawled, the better our modern world view.” Nigel Brailey, University of Bristol

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword, Preface by William Corr
1. Early Life and Upbringing: Early life in London; promising scholar; University College, London; China
2. Early Years in Japan: From Shogunate to Meiji; First home leave; Sidmouth, Germany
3. Japan (1870-83): Second home leave; Eitaro (first son); Hisayoshi (second son; Satow awarded CMG; Third home leave
4. The Wilderness Years (1884-94): Siam, visits to Japan; Italy, Spain, Portugal, Oxford; Confirmed in Anglican faith; Uruguay, Morocco; awarded KCMG
5. Japan (1895-1900): Minister to Japan; Home Leave
6. China (1900-06): Minister to China, Home Leave, awarded GCMG; Leave China, Last visit to Japan; Privy Councillor
7. Retirement (1907-29): British member, Court of Arbitration, The Hague; Plenipotentiary at Second Peace Conference, The Hague; Beaumont House, Japanese Family (Takedas); Death
Postscript and final assessment
Appendices: List of Sir Ernest Satow’s Publications; Satow Family Tree; Important dates; Japanese prime ministers and cabinets; British ministers to Japan; British prime ministers; British foreign secretaries; Under Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs mentioned in the texts
Notes, Bibliography, Index

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